How much does a website cost?

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Making a basic website is not a difficult thing. If we have a computer, access to the Internet and willingness, we should be able to handle it. However, when it comes to website security and the quality of its performance, we need more than just basic skills in the system environment. I am talking primarily about experience and knowledge. If someone creates a website for PLN 300 or 400, he is actually a beginner who will learn from you. Do you think this is a good solution?
Success is a ladder that is impossible to climb with your hands in your pockets ~ Philip Wylie

1. Quality, efficiency, safety

Remember that as a person who has no contact with creating websites, you will not be able to verify whether a given website is properly coded, efficient and, above all, safe. Therefore, it is worth considering carefully before choosing a person / company with whom we will cooperate.

2. Type of website

The type of page plays a key role in the valuation, because there is much less work with a One-page page that consists of one page than with Multipage or Portal internet . The valuation also includes the graphic design and any functionalities that the customer needs on his website. As for the price, it also depends on who our website is made by. The amount will of course be higher if it is done by an interactive agency where we will have extensive knowledge and experience in creating websites. If the website is made by a friend, the amount will be attractive to us, but will it be exactly as we would like? There are pros and cons, as in everything :)

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